World Cup 70s – 90s

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World Cup 1970 – Mexico

For the first time in World Cup history, a World Cup was not hosted in South America nor Europe. There were worries regarding the altitude and heat, but the World Cup ended up being 1 of the best World Cups ever. For the first time an African country qualified directly for the World Cup. The Semi-Final between Italy and West Germany was a highly memorable one. 5 goals were scored in extra time and Franz Beckenbauer played with a broken arm. The match would be called the Game of the Century. The Brazilian team made a huge impression and crushed Italy with 4-1 in 1 of the most memorable World Cup Finals. The Jules Rimet trophy was awarded for the last time.

What was new

1970Famous black and white ball (Telstar) with 32 panels1974
1970Goal difference to determine who will advance-
1970Substitutes allowed-
1970Yellow and red cards-
1970Adidas as match ball supplier-
1970FIFA Fair Play Trophy-

World Cup 1970

1970 World Cup poster

World Cup 1974 – West Germany

The 10th World Cup got rid of both the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals stage. A new format was introduced. The 2 top teams from each of the earlier 4 groups were divided into 2 groups of 4 again.The winner of the 2 groups encountered each other in the Final. Both Poland and Netherlands showed a great performance. The Netherlands introduced “Total Football’ which the world hadn’t seen before. The Netherlands advanced to the Final, but lost against West Germany with 2-1. After England, West Germany became the 4th European country to win a World Cup on home soil. The FIFA World Cup replaced the Jules Rimet trophy and was awarded for the first time.

What was new

19742nd round is a group stage1982
1974Previous World Cup winner plays opening match2002
1974Team numbers on team shorts-
1974World Cup trophy referred as FIFA World Cup trophy -

World Cup 1974

1974 World Cup poster

World Cup 1978 – Argentina

The 4th World Cup hosted in South America was highly controversial. Many countries were planning to boycott the event due to a military coup 2 years earlier. In the end no countries withdrew. Tunisia became the first African country to have won a World Cup match. 1 of the most controversial matches was played in the 2nd round: Argentina – Peru. Argentina had to score at least 4 goals to advance to the Final. The match ended in 6-0, which was almost to good to be true. Argentina encountered the Netherlands and won with 2-1. The Netherlands had to suffer a 2nd World Cup Final loss. This was the last World Cup so far which was hosted in South America.

What was new

1978Match ball model containing 'triads': the impression of 12 circles1998
1978Penalty shootout after extra time-
1978Brand logos on jerseys-

World Cup 1978

1978 World Cup poster

World Cup 1982 – Spain

In the 12th World Cup, the amount of 16 participants increased to 24 participants. The countries were divided in 6 groups of 4 teams.The 2 top teams of each group would be divided in 4 groups of 3. Only the top team of each group would advance to the Semi-Final. Hungary scored 10 goals against El Salvador in a group match, which was the first and last time so far this has happened.The group match West Germany against Austria was controversial since it seemed they both agreed on the 1-0 score. This would be 1 of the reasons why FIFA would decide for the last group matches to be played simultaneously. Italy won the Final against West Germany with a 3-1 score.

What was new

198224 countries divided in 6 groups1994
1982Golden Ball Award-

World Cup 1982

1982 World Cup poster

World Cup 1986 – Mexico

For the 2nd time a World Cup was hosted in North America, however it was again Mexico. Mexico is the first country to have hosted a World Cup twice. The format changed again. The 2nd round was replaced with the Round of 16 knockout phase. In the match Uruguay against Scotland Uruguayan player José Batista has set a World Cup record by being sent off after a mere 56 seconds on the field. Diego Maradona amazed the world with  his skills. It was in the Quarter-final against England where he scored a goal with the Hand of God, and scored a goal which in 2002 would be called Goal of the Century. In the Final, Argentina beat West Germany with a 3-2 score.

What was new

19864 best 3rd place teams advance to Round of 161994
1986Round of 16-
1986Groups referred with letters (A,B,C,D etc)-
1986Last 2 group matches are played simultaneously-

World Cup 1986

1986 World Cup poster

World Cup 1990 – Italy

For the 2nd time, a country hosted a World Cup twice. This time it was Italy. The format stayed the same as was used in the previous World Cup.The 1990 World Cup was highly popular, but isn’t considered as 1 of the best World Cups. A record low goals-per-game average of just 2.21 is a record that still stands today. The teams were very careful in their play, where some would await the penalty shootout. Cameroon made a memorable performance by reaching the Semi-Final and the rhythmic Roger Milla. For the first time in World Cup history, a previous Final would repeat itself. Argentina encountered West Germany again. This time however, it was West Germany that won with 1-0.

What was new

1990Recorded and transmitted in HDTV-

World Cup 1990

1990 World Cup poster

World Cup 1994 – USA

The United States was the 2nd North American country to host a World Cup. As in Mexico, there were concerns about the heat. The total attendance of around 3.6 million remains the greatest in World Cup history. Diego Maradona played his last match for Argentina after being banned due to a failed drug test. Russian player Oleg Salenko became the first player to score 5 goals in a single match. Colombian Andrés Escobar was tragically murdered 10 days after his own-goal against USA in their first round match that eliminated Colombia. For the first time a World Cup Final had to be decided on penalties. It was Brazil which has beaten Italy again since Roberto Baggio missed the last penalty.

What was new

1994Yashin Award2006
1994Most Entertaining Team Award2006
19943 points for a group match win-
1994Back pass rule-
1994Accumulated yellow cards in the group phase were dismissed in the knockout phase-
1994Team numbers on the center front of the jerseys-
1994Player’s names on the back of the jerseys-
1994Match officials were able to choose coloured jerseys-

World Cup 1994

1994 World Cup poster

World Cup 1998 – France

In the 16th World Cup, the amount of 24 participants increased to 32 participants. The countries were divided in 8 groups of 4 teams.The 2 top teams of each group advanced to the Round of 16. France scored the first golden goal ever in a World Cup against Paraguay. Croatia impressed the world by reaching the third place as a debutant. Argentina against England in the Round of 16 was 1 of the most entertaining matches. Dutch player Dennis Bergkamp scored 1 of the best World Cup goals against Argentina. In the Final, France beat Brazil with 3-0. Ronaldo almost didn’t participate due to an epileptic seizure. He was last minute included in the team, but was clearly not himself.

What was new

1998Golden Goal rule2002
199832 countries divided in 6 groups-
1998Multi-coloured match ball-
1998Each match is played separately except for the last 2 group matches-

World Cup 1998

1998 World Cup poster

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