World Cup 00s – 20s

World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide

World Cup 2002 – South Korea/Japan

For the first time a World Cup was hosted in Asia. It was also the first time a World Cup was hosted in 2 countries. Countries which were considered as ‘not hard to beat’ such as Senegal and USA, had great success in general. Whereas the countries with a reputation such as France, Uruguay and Argentina failed to advance to the Round of 16. South Korea was able to beat both Spain and Italy and became the first Asian country to have reached the Semi-Finals. Turkey also impressed the world by scoring the quickest goal in 11 seconds and to have reached the third place. Germany and Brazil met each other for the first time in World Cup history. This match was the Final which Brazil won with 2-0.

What was new

200223 team players instead of 22-
20022 host countries2002

World Cup 2002

2002 World Cup poster

World Cup 2006 – Germany

Germany hosted the 18th World Cup for a 2nd time. For the first time the winner of a previous World Cup had to qualify as well. Countries from each continent participated together for the first time. Portugal and the Netherlands played 1 of the most aggressive World Cup matches in the Round of 16: the Battle of Nuremberg. A record amount of 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards were awarded. Brazilian player Ronaldo  became the all-time World Cup top scorer with 15 goals.The Final between Italy and France became legendary. French player Zinedine Zidane headbutted Marco Materazzi in the chest which resulted in an immediate red card. Italy won the Final by winning the penalty shootout.

What was new

2006Best Young Player Award-
2006World Cup champion needs to qualify-

World Cup 2006

2006 World Cup poster

World Cup 2010 – South Africa

The last World Cup took place in South Africa, which was the first African country to host a World Cup. South Africa became the first host country in World Cup history to have been eliminated in the first round. It was also the first time that no new countries qualified for a World Cup. 2 Round of 16 matches England – Germany and Argentina – Mexico became controversial due to the absence of goal-line technology. Ghana was very close to reach the Semi-Final as the first African country. This didn’t happen due to a controversial ball stop with the hand by Uruguay player Luis Suárez. The African instrument vuvuzela became notorious due to the loud noise they produced. Spain won the Final against the Netherlands with 1-0. For a 3rd time, the Netherlands failed to win a Final.

What was new

2010Golden Glove Award-

World Cup 2010

2010 World Cup poster

World Cup 2014 – Brazil

The 20th World Cup will be hosted by Brazil. It took 36 years for South America to host another World Cup. Brazil already hosted a World Cup back in 1950. Brazil is the 5th country to host a World Cup for a 2nd time. 2 consecutive World Cups are not hosted in Europe, which is a first. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country to have qualified for the first time. No countries from Oceania qualified for this World Cup. Goal-line technology will be introduced for the first time in World Cup history. The Maracanã stadium will host a World Cup Final for the 2nd time. It is the 2nd stadium to have this unique record after the Estadio Azteca in Mexico. The Arena de São Paulo will host the opening match.

What is new

2014Goal-Line Technology-
2014Vanishing Spray-

World Cup 2014

2014 World Cup poster

World Cup 2018 – Russia

For the first time in history a World Cup will be hosted on the east side of Europe. The decision is considered controversial since it was expected for England to be chosen as  the host country. Russia will be the biggest country in history to host a World Cup. No bids were allowed by Africa and South America since both countries hosted the 2 previous World Cups. It is expected that on July 25 2015 the qualifying draw will take place in Saint Petersburg. A total of 12 stadiums and 11 host cities will be used. 2 stadiums will be used in the capital city Moscow. It is expected that the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow will host the opening match, a Semi-Final and the Final.

World Cup 2022 – Qatar

For the first time in history a World Cup will be hosted in the Middle East. Qatar will be the smallest country in history to host a World Cup. There already exists a high amount of controversies regarding future host country Qatar. There are allegations of bribery and corruption in the selection process. Currently FIFA’s independent Ethics Committee is investigating this process. The conditions of the migrant workers are also highly criticized. The World Cup might take place in November or December due to extreme temperatures in the summer. It is expected that the amount of 32 participants will not increase. It is still unknown how many stadiums will be used or where the matches will be played.

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