São Paulo – São Paulo

Arena de São Paulo - São Paulo

São Paulo Facts

  • Location: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Capacity: 65,800
  • Opens: Early 2014
  • Status: Under construction
  • New or upgrade: New
  • Full name: Arena de São Paulo / Arena Corinthians
  • Home ground of: Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
  • Interesting fact: Will host the opening match of the 2014 World Cup

About São Paulo

Arena de São Paulo - São Paulo

Arena de São Paulo late 2012

The 2014 World Cup opening match will be hosted in the Arena de São Paulo where Brazil will play their first match. It is expected for the area to be completely packed with around 29,000 fans and tourists. Yes, Brazil is highly emphasizing on building the proper infrastructure in order to handle such masses in the Itaquera area.

Arena de São Paulo was not the first choice for hosting World Cup matches. It was the Morumbi stadium, home of FC Sao Paulo, which was the preferred stadium; however it didn’t want to make the investment which was demanded by FIFA. Therefore the project of the Arena de São Paulo has been introduced to FIFA and it was accepted for the arena to host the opening game. 1 of the reasons being to include São Paulo as a host city.

The stadium will belong to the Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, thus making it, aside from the Arena da Baixada and Estádio Beira Rio1 of the few privately owned 2014 World Cup stadiums. Of the 3 biggest clubs in São Paulo, Coritinhians didn’t have a stadium with the proper infrastructure and size to host any important matches.

Arena de São Paulo is also known by 2 other names: Estádio Itaquerao (after the Itaquera area) and Arena Corinthians (after the sport club).

São Paulo Construction

As of May, Arena de São Paulo is for 99% completed. Arena de São Paulo in São Paulo is a completely new stadium and it was expected for the arena to be finished in December 2013.

Arena de São Paulo - São Paulo

Arena de São Paulo is more or less ready

The new stadium, which will contain the largest video screen in the world, is built in the Itaquera area, Eastern Zone of São Paulo where many Corinthians fans reside. The area is economically poor developed and it is expected for the stadium to create a huge boom in the area.

Of all the stadiums in construction and renovation, Arena de São Paulo had the best changes of being ready in December 2013.

On the 27th of November a serious accident occurred. A crane collapsed which ended the lives of 2 people. A very sad occurrence. This accident will cause a serious delay in the construction process as well. Part of the stadium’s structure has been destroyed. FIFA president Sepp Blatter stated the stadium will not be finished before December 31 due to this tragedy.

Arena de São Paulo - São Paulo

On the 29th of March, another worker unfortunately died due to an accident. This caused a delay as well in the construction process. It was expected Arena de São Paulo would be finished in May, but this deadline wasn’t met. The first test event occurred on May 18, but this didn’t go very smoothly. Arena de São Paulo will experience another test event which will be held on June 1st. It is expected the stadium will be fully ready before the 2014 World Cup starts.

After the World Cup, the capacity of Arena de São Paulo will reduced by around 20,000 seats to 46,000. There are no plans to use the stadium to host concerts or other sports events; however there appear to be plans to use the structure for conventions and trade shows.

Arena de São Paulo will be awarded with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental certificate.

Matches To Be Played: 6

Group matches
112/0617:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Brazil teamBrazilCroatiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Croatia team
2319/0616:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Uruguay teamUruguayEnglandWorld Cup Brazil 2014 England team
3623/0613:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Netherlands teamNetherlandsChileWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Chile team
4726/0617:00World Cup Brazil 2014 South Korea teamSouth KoreaBelgiumWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Belgium team
Round of 16

Arena de São Paulo - São Paulo

São Paulo in Action

Construction process of the Arena de São Paulo in São Paulo (in Portuguese)

Arena de São Paulo – Know the Details

2014 World Cup: Arena de São Paulo

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