Dunas – Natal

Arena das Dunas - Natal

Dunas Facts

  • Location: Natal,  Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  • Capacity: 42,000
  • Opened: January 22 2014
  • New or upgrade: New
  • Status: Ready
  • Full name: Complexo Arena das Dunas
  • Home ground of: América Futebol Clube
  • Interesting fact: Dunas mimics the famous Natal sand dunes

About Dunas

Arena das Dunas - Natal

Arena das Dunas late 2012

The name Arena das Dunas has a simple explanation. The name Dunas comes from the impressive sand dunes the city Natal is known for. Aside from the name, the stadium’s structure and look mimic these sand dunes as well.


Arena das Dunas has some similarities with 3 other stadiums Arena da AmazôniaArena da Baixada and Arena Pantanal. All 4 stadiums will host only 4 2014 World Cup matches and they are the smallest in size compared to the other 2014 World Cup stadiums.

Dunas Construction

Arena das Dunas - Natal

Arena das Dunas is finally ready

In 2011 the demolition of the Machadão stadium and a sports hall named Machadinho was completed in order to make room for the impressive Arena das Dunas in Natal. In order to comply with the FIFA requirements, a new stadium had to be built with modern features.

Arena das Dunas will include two big screens, 40 boxes, VIP lounges, restaurants, gym and shops. Around the stadium a shopping center, hotels and commercial buildings will be built to make the area more appealing.

As of January 22, Arena das Dunas is for 100% completed! On this day Arena das Dunas has been officially opened by FIFA members and Dilma Rousseff. The stadium was 1 of the 6 stadiums which didn’t reach the completion deadline in December 2013. Arena das Dunas is the first of the 6 stadiums to be finished. Other ‘smaller’ stadiums which weren’t finished either after December 2013 were Arena da AmazôniaArena da Baixada and Arena Pantanal (this was another similarity).

Of all the 6 stadiums which weren’t finished on time, Arena das Dunas was the closest to reach the deadline of December 31 2013. However, it is the only stadium which was symbolically delivered to the 2014 World Cup organizers on New Year’s Eve 2012. This was done by turning on the lights of the Arena das Dunas stadium for the very first time.

The Arena das Dunas is considered as 1 of the 4 ‘white elephant’ 2014 World Cup stadiums together with Arena Pantanal, Arena da Amazônia and Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha. This means the stadium will be of little purpose after the World Cup. Huge expenses but with little benefit in the end. But there are plans to use the stadium after the World Cup.

After the World Cup, the capacity will be reduced to around 32,000 seats. The stadium will be used for hosting conventions, exhibitions and concerts.

Matches To Be Played: 4

Group matches
213/0613:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Mexico teamMexicoCameroonWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Cameroon team
1416/0619:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Ghana teamGhanaUSAWorld Cup Brazil 2014 USA team
2219/0619:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Japan teamJapanGreeceWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Greece team
3924/0613:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Italy teamItalyUruguayWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Uruguay team

Arena das Dunas - Natal

Dunas in Action

Construction process of the Arena das Dunas in Natal (in Portuguese)

Arena das Dunas – Know the Details

2014 World Cup: Arena das Dunas

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