Amazônia – Manaus

Arena da Amazônia - Manaus

Amazônia Facts

  • Location: Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
  • Capacity: 42,300
  • Opened: March 9 2014
  • New or upgrade: New
  • Status: Ready
  • Full name: Arena da Amazônia
  • Home ground of: Nacional Fast Clube and Nacional Futebol Club
  • Interesting fact: The stadium’s design resembles a typical regional basket

About Amazônia

Arena da Amazônia - Manaus

Arena da Amazônia early 2013

Arena da Amazônia is located up north in Brazil in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, miles away from the other stadiums. The refurbished stadium will contain a metal structure that will look like a straw basket, a product the region is famous for.

Although Manaus is not famous for its football tradition, the location is perceived as being 1 of the most attractive to attend during the World Cup. Not only because of the unique stadium, but also for the state’s unique tropical rain forest. This obviously was an important reason to choose Manaus as a host city.

The reason for giving the stadium the name Arena da Amazônia, stimulates the idea to create awareness and exposure regarding the Amazon area in order to attract eco-tourists around the world.

Manaus knows high temperatures and humidity. Trainer of England Roy Hodgson even hoped England’s group matches will avoid the city Manaus. England however has to play 1 group match in this city.

Amazônia Construction

Arena da Amazônia - Manaus

Arena da Amazônia is finally ready

The Arena da Amazônia in Manaus replaced the Vivaldão stadium. In July 2010 the demolition process started and the construction of the new stadium commenced in November of that year. Also with this stadium, there is focus on the environment, rainwater will be harnessed for toilet use and the pitch, and plants will be strategically used for shading areas from the sun and temperature control. The huge amount of sunlight will be used to generate renewable energy.

Due to these sustainability features, Amazônia will apply for the LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental), the internationally recognized green building certification system.

Arena da Amazônia was officially reopened on the 9th of March 2014. The stadium is the 4th of the 6 delayed stadiums to be finished.  Constructors were trying hard to finish the stadium by the end of December 2013. The reason was among others the intense rainy season starting that month and ending only in March 2014. If Arena da Amazônia was not finished by December, there would probably be a serious delay and construction would be way more difficult. In order to save time, several parts of the stadium were built in Portugal, Germany and Southern Brazil. Eventually it took more than 2 full months to complete the Arena da Amazônia.

On the 14th of December a construction worked fell to his death from the roof of the stadium. Another worker died couple of hours later due to a heart attack. Therefore 2 days later the labour court halted construction in part of the stadium. Work would only resume after constructors show that all safety measures are in place at the Arena da Amazônia. It was not the first time a worker died. In March 2013 another worker died at the stadium. These unfortunate events caused a delay as well. These reasons among others, resulted in the delay of the Arena da Amazônia.

The Arena da Amazônia is considered as 1 of the 4 ‘white elephant’ 2014 World Cup stadiums. This means the stadium will be of little purpose after the World Cup. Huge expenses but with little benefit in the end. However, there are plans to use the stadium after the World Cup.

The stadium will be used for sports, leisure, cultural events and concerts after the 2014 World Cup. The rooftop is fixed and an underground car park and restaurants are included.

Since October 2013 there are rumours the stadium might be used as a prison after the tournament. In this case suspects will be hold temporarily in this prison before being transferred to different locations.

Matches To Be Played: 4

Group matches
814/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 England teamEnglandItalyWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Italy team
1818/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Cameroon teamCameroonCroatiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Croatia team
3022/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 USA teamUSAPortugalWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Portugal team
4125/0616:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Honduras teamHondurasSwitzerlandWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Switzerland team

Arena da Amazônia - Manaus

Amazônia in Action

Construction process of the Arena da Amazônia in Manaus (in Portuguese)

Arena da Amazôni– Know the Details

2014 World Cup: Arena da Amazônia

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