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World Cup Brazil posters

This official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil poster was announced on the 31st of January 2013 by the World Cup ambassadors. It has been designed by Brazilian agency Crama. The poster was chosen over two others by a judging panel consisting of Brazilian Minister of Culture Marta Suplicy, FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke, LOC (Local Organizer Committee) President Jose Maria Marin, Brazilian artist Romero Britto and legendary football players Ronaldo and Bebeto.

Karen Haidinger is the creator of the artwork. She wanted to show the beauty and diversity of Brazil by using vibrant, emotional and strong exotic colors and shapes. The bright colourful shapes and patterns illustrate Brazil’s culture, flora and fauna characteristics. If you look closely, you see exotic objects such as a butterfly and the sun. The shapes such as the two legs are formed in such a way; the country Brazil is visible by its form.

See the ambassadors revealing the official poster.

Host Cities Posters

Unfortunately what many people do not know, is that the above poster is not the only World Cup Brazil poster created by FIFA. On the 25th of November 2012, FIFA and the 12 host cities revealed their own official World Cup Brazil posters:

As you can see, the World Cup Brazil posters show local elements relating to nature, history and culture. Examples are touristic attractions and monuments. The designs, style and colour patterns are very diverse with each poster having its own uniqueness.

What the objects and forms exactly mean on the World Cup Brazil posters can be read on the host city pages. Choose below:

  1. Belo Horizonte
  2. Brasilia
  3. Cuiabá
  4. Curitiba
  5. Fortaleza
  6. Manaus
  1. Natal
  2. Porto Alegre
  3. Recife
  4. Rio de Janeiro
  5. Salvador
  6. São Paulo

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