What We Learned in 2014 World Cup

All 32 teams have played their first 2014 World Cup match! There are few things we have learned so far in this memorable World Cup!

What an Amount of Goals Have Been Scored!

In the first 16 matches an average of 3.06 goals have been scored. The offsensive minded football we came to know in the latest World Cups is definitely not present in Brazil. The pace fo the game is fast and many goals are simply spectacular! Only 4 matches have ended in a draw so far. The draw Brazil – Mexico was nevertheless intense!

2014 World Cup Brazil Guide

Favourites for the World Cup Trophy Disappointed

The great Brazil is not as great as they were last year in the Confederations Cup. They did not really defeat Croatia convincingly, and unexpectedly drew against Mexico. Luckily for them, they will play against a Cameroon that has no chance of advancing, so this should be ‘easy’ for Brazil. The question is how will they perform in the knock-out stages..

2014 World Cup Brazil Guide

The same goes for Argentina. If it wasn’t for an own goal from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s side, the score would have been 1-1! Argentina didn’t really convince when winning with 2-1. Lionel Messi should be releaved though for scoring a goal! The pressure is on him as well.

Let’s not forget Spain. If anyone was sure about group B, it was that Spain would E A S I L Y top the group. Many fans even doubted if the Netherlands would join Spain, but they ended up trashing Spain with 5-1. Now we know that the Era of Spain is officially over. This moment had to come some day. The question was only when. Many expected for this moment to occur in the 2014 World Cup, BUT not so early! After 2 matches they are already officially out of the tournament.

2014 World Cup Brazil Guide

Germany however, is the only favourite that really showed why they are favourites! They trashed Portugal with 4-0 and is a great contender for reaching the 2014 World Cup Final!

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American Teams are Impressively Strong

Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico: what a performance! Chile and Colombia already have 2 wins, Costa Rica defeated Uruguay with 3-1 and Mexico drew against Brazil.  Or what about the USA? After having lost 2 times to Ghana in World Cup history, they were finally able to defeat them with 2-1. Yes, this tournament knows a lot of good teams which may create interesting surprises as the World Cup progresses…

2014 World Cup Brazil Guide

Spain, Australia and Cameroon are the only countries now which are not going to the second round for sure. To keep up to date with the matches and goals, Like us on Facebook!

To learn about the teams and players, don’t forget to check out our online 2014 World Cup Guide!

Who do you think is going to be in the 2014 World Cup Final?

2014 World Cup Brazil Guide

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