World Cup 2014 Chile National Team Flag

World Cup 2014 Chile National Team

  • FIFA country code: CHI
  • FIFA member since: 1913
  • Confederation: CONMEBOL
  • Confederation member since: 1916
  • Association: Federación de Fútbol de Chile (FFC)
  • In English: Chilean Football Federation
  • Association founded: 1895
  • Most caps: Leonel Sánchez (84)
  • Top scorer: Marcelo Salas (37)
  • 1st World Cup win: 3-0 Mexico in Uruguay ’30
  • 1st World Cup goal scorer: Carlos Vidal (1930)
  • World Cup top scorer: Leonel Sánchez, Marcelo Salas (4)
World Cup 2014 Chile National Team Logo

Chilean Football Federation logo

World Cup 2014 Chile National Team

World Cup 2014 Chile Schedule Group B

313/0616:00SalvadorWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Spain teamSpain1-5NetherlandsWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Netherlands team
413/0618:00CuiabáWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Chile teamChile3-1AustraliaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Australia team
1918/0616:00Rio De JaneiroWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Spain teamSpain0-2ChileWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Chile team
2018/0613:00Porto AlegreWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Australia teamAustralia2-3NetherlandsWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Netherlands team
3523/0613:00CuritibaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Australia teamAustralia0-3SpainWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Spain team
3623/0613:00São PauloWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Netherlands teamNetherlands2-0ChileWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Chile team

Chile is the 19th country to have qualified for the World Cup Brazil on the 15th of October 2013. The decisive match was against Ecuador which ended in a 2-1 win. Alexis Sánchez and Gary Medel scored the 2 goals for Chile. The win ensured the World Cup 2014 Chile national team a fixed 3rd place in the CONMEBOL qualification group under Argentina and Colombia: more than enough to play in the upcoming World Cup.

World Cup Brazil 2014 Netherlands teamNetherlands33001039
World Cup Brazil 2014 Chile teamChile3201536
World Cup Brazil 2014 Spain teamSpain3102473
World Cup Brazil 2014 Australia teamAustralia3003390

World Cup 2014 Chile Players

2014 World Cup Brazil Online Guide

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The 23 players who have been selected for the World Cup 2014 Chile national team are:

Claudio Bravo
Johnny Herrera
Cristopher Toselli
Gonzalo Jara
Gary Medel
Eugenio Mena
José Rojas
Jean Beausejour
Arturo Vidal
Carlos Carmona
José Pedro Fuenzalida
Charles Aránguiz
Marcelo Díaz
Felipe Gutiérrez
Francisco Silva
Miiko Albornoz
Mauricio Isla
Alexis Sánchez
Esteban Paredes
Eduardo Vargas
Mauricio Pinilla
Fabián Orellana
Jorge Valdivia
2014 World Cup Brazil Online Guide

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Head Coach: Jorge Sampaoli (Argentinian)
Captain: Claudio Bravo

World Cup 2014 Chile National Team Jerseys

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World Cup 2014 Chile National Team Jerseys

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Chile World Cup History

How Many World Cups Played: 8

1930Group Stage5320153
1950Group Stage9310256
1966Group Stage13301225
1974Group Stage11302112
1982Group Stage22300338
1998Round of 1616403158
2010Round of 1610420235

GP=Games played, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Losses, GS=Goals scored, GA=Goals against

Best Performance

1962 – Semi-Final: In the only World Cup that was hosted in Chile, Chile made it to the Semi-Final but lost against Brazil with 4-2. Chile did win the match for the third place with 1-0 against Yugoslavia.

Worst Performance

1982 – Group stage: This is the only World Cup where Chile lost every match, no draws were played.

Did You Know Chile:

  • Has the following nickname: La Roja (the red one)
  • Is rivals with Peru, Argentina and Brazil
  • Played against Argentina in 1930 for the first time in World Cup history
  • Forward Andrés Prieto played in the 1950 World Cup and his brother Ignacio Prieto played in the 1966 World Cup
  • Won an infamous 1962 World Cup group match (2-0) against Italy which is called the ‘Battle of Santiago’, and involved repeated and deliberate attempts from players to harm opponents
  • Players ate swiss cheese before beating Switzerland, spaghetti before beating Italy and drank vodka before beating Soviet Union in the 1962 World Cup
  • Players drank coffee before playing against Brazil in the 1962 World Cup Semi-Final, but this time they lost the match
  • Played against Brazil in 1962 for the first time in World Cup history
  • Participated in 1966 for the first time in a World Cup hosted in Europe
  • Forward Carlos Caszely is the first player in World Cup history to be sent off with a red card (In the 1974 World Cup against West Germany)
  • Sweeper Elías Figueroa has the longest span of World Cup appearances together with 5 other players: 16 years (1966,1974,1982)
  • Was disqualified for the 1990 World Cup since goalkeeper Roberto Rojas faked an injury during the qualification match against Brazil, by inflicting a cut in his forehead with a razor blade hidden in his glove. Initially everyone thought the injure was caused by a firework.
  • Infamous Roberto Rojas scandal moment happened in order to stop the match since the ‘conditions were not safe’ as the cause appeared to be a firework, but reality was Chile was losing the match thus missing the 1990 World Cup
  • Was banned from the 1994 World Cup due to ‘The Roberto Rojas Scandal’
  • Goalkeeper Roberto Rojas was banned for life by FIFA due to above incident, but this was eventually lifed in 2001 after a pardon request
  • Reached the 1998 World Cup Round of 16 without winning any group match
  • Reached the Round of 16 twice before being eliminated by Brazil (1998, 2010)
  • Was eliminated by Brazil every time Chile survived the group stage (1962,1998,2010)
  • Will be based in Belo Horizonte during the 2014 World Cup

World Cup Awards

1962Bronze BallLeonel Sánchez
1962Golden Boot (4 goals)Leonel Sánchez
1962Bronze Boot (2 goals)Jorge Toro
Jaime Ramírez
Eladio Rojas
1962All-Star TeamLeonel Sánchez
1998Bronze Boot (4 goals)Marcelo Salas

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Chile in Action

Chile Defeats Italy With 2-0 in ‘Battle of Santiago’  – 1962 World Cup

Chile Defeats Soviet Union With 2-1 in the Quarter-Final  – 1962 World Cup

Chile Defeats Yugoslavia With 1-0 in the Match for the Third Place – 1962 World Cup

Chile Draws Against East Germany With 1-1 – 1974 World Cup

Chile Draws Against Italy With 2-2 – 1998 World Cup

Chile Defeats Honduras With 0-1 – 2010 World Cup

Chile Defeats Switzerland With 1-0 – 2010 World Cup

Chile: 2014 World Cup Profile

2014 World Cup Team Profile: CHILE

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