World Cup 2014 Argentina National Team Flag

World Cup 2014 Argentina National Team

  • FIFA country code: ARG
  • FIFA member since: 1912
  • Confederation: CONMEBOL
  • Confederation member since: 1916
  • Association: Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA)
  • In English: Argentine Football Association
  • Association founded: 1893
  • Most caps: Javier Zanetti (145)
  • Top scorer: Gabriel Batistuta (56)
  • 1st World Cup win: 1-0 France in Uruguay ’30
  • 1st World Cup goal scorer: Luis Monti (1930)
  • World Cup top scorer: Gabriel Batistuta (10)
 World Cup 2014 Argentina National Team Logo

Argentine Football Association logo

 World Cup 2014 Argentina National Team

World Cup 2014 Argentina Schedule Group F

1115/0619:00Rio De JaneiroWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Argentina teamArgentina2-1Bosnia-Herzegovina
1216/0616:00CuritibaIran0-0NigeriaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Nigeria team
2721/0613:00Belo HorizonteWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Argentina teamArgentina1-0Iran
2821/0618:00CuiabáWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Nigeria teamNigeria1-0Bosnia-Herzegovina
4325/0613:00Porto AlegreWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Nigeria teamNigeria2-3ArgentinaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Argentina team

Argentina is the 10th country to have qualified for the World Cup Brazil on the 10th of September 2013. The decisive match was against Paraguay in a round-robin match. The World Cup 2014 Argentina national team needed only 1 point to be certain of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. Instead of winning 1 point, they received 3 points since they defeated Paraguay. It apparently wasn’t a difficult task since they have won with a score of 5-2. Lionel Messi scored 2 goals, Sergio Agüero 1, Ángel di María 1 and Maxi Rodrigues 1. This impressive score made Argentina the first CONMEBOL country to have qualified via the qualifying competition for World Cup Brazil.

World Cup Brazil 2014 Argentina teamArgentina3300639
World Cup Brazil 2014 Nigeria teamNigeria3111334
Bosnia and Herzegovina3102443

World Cup 2014 Argentina Players

2014 World Cup Brazil Online Guide

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The 23 players who have been selected for the World Cup 2014 Argentina national team are:

Mariano Andújar
Sergio Romero
Agustín Orión
Hugo Campagnaro
Federico Fernández
Pablo Zabaleta
Ezequiel Garay
Marcos Rojo
José María Basanta
Martín Demichelis
Javier Mascherano
Augusto Fernández
Ricardo Álvarez
Lucas Biglia
Fernando Gago
Maxi Rodríguez
Enzo Pérez
Ángel di María

Lionel Messi
Rodrigo Palacio
Gonzalo Higuaín
Sergio Agüero
Ezequiel Lavezzi
2014 World Cup Brazil Online Guide

Become a 2014 World Cup Expert and Learn about the Argentinian players!

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Head Coach: Alejandro Sabella (Argentinian)
Captain: Lionel Messi

 World Cup 2014 Argentina National Team Jerseys

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Argentina World Cup History

How Many World Cups Played: 15

1934Round 19100123
1958Group Stage133102510
1962Group Stage10311123
1974Round 286123912
1982Round 211520387
1994Round of 1610420286
2002Group Stage18311122

GP=Games played, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Losses, GS=Goals scored, GA=Goals against

Best Performance

1986 – Final: Aside from winning the World Cup by beating West Germany with 3-2, Argentina won every single match.

Worst Performance

1958 – Group stage: Argentina ended up last in group 1; only 1 match against Northern Ireland was won with 1-0 but lost to West Germany (3-1) and Czechoslovakia (6-1).

Did You Know Argentina:

  • Has the following nickname: La Albiceleste (The White and Sky Blue)
  • Is the 6th country to win a World Cup
  • Has played 4 World Cup Finals in total, but only won 2 Finals
  • Has a long time rivalry with Brazil, England, Germany and Uruguay
  • Is the 4th country to have participated in the most World Cups after Brazil, Italy and Germany
  • Is the 2nd country to have won the most penalty shootouts: 3
  • Had the youngest coach in World Cup history: the 27 years old 1930 World Cup coach Juan Jose Tramutola from Argentina
  • Lost the very first World Cup Final in 1930 against Uruguay (4-2)
  • Midfielder Juan Evaristo and his brother Mario Evaristo played together in the 1930 World Cup
  • Midfielder Luis Monti is the only player to have played a World Cup Final for 2 different countries (Argentina in 1930 and Italy in 1934)
  • Last surviving player of the 1930 World Cup was Francisco Varallo from Argentina, he died on Augustus 20 2010 at the age of 100, 80 years after the World Cup in Uruguay 1930
  • Refused to participate in the 1938 World Cup since the World Cup was not hosted in South America but in Europe for the 2nd time in a row
  • Did not participate in the 1950 World Cup due to a conflict with the Brazilian Football Association
  • Played in the 1958 World Cup after 24 years of absence since the 1934 World Cup
  • Worst defeat is the group match against Czechoslovakia in the 1958 World Cup that ended in a 6-1 score, the match is also called El desastre de Suecia (The Sweden disaster)
  • Encountered rival Germany for the first time in the 1958 World Cup
  • Had to play in yellow jerseys from Swedish fooball club IFK Malmö in the 1958 World Cup group match against West Germany, since no away shirts were brought to the World Cup in Sweden
  • Encountered rival England for the first time in the 1962 World Cup
  • Played a memorable 1966 World Cup Quarter-Final match (also called El robo del siglo) against England where Argentinian player Antonio Rattín refused to leave the pitch when sent off
  • Started their rivalry with England because of the match El robo del siglo
  • Was not able to qualify for a World Cup once: the 1970 World Cup
  • Encountered rival Brazil for the first time in the 1974 World Cup
  • Forward Diego Maradona who was 17 years old almost participated in the 1978 World Cup, but was last minute not selected by trainer Cesar Luis Menotti
  • Played a 1978 World Cup 2nd round match against Peru which is rumoured to be fixed, in other words Peru purposely lost with 6-0 so Argentina could advance to the Final
  • Striker Mario Kempes is the 2nd player to have won the Golden Boot, Golden Ball and the tournament (in 1978) (after the Golden Ball was retrospectively awarded)
  • Played an infamous World Cup 1986 Quarter-Final match against England where Diego Maradona scored his famous goal with the hand, or as Maradona stated with La mano de Dios (the hand of God)
  • Player Diego Maradona also scored ‘The Goal of the Century’ which was scored a few minutes after the ‘hand of God’ goal
  • Midfielder Marcelo Trobbiani played the least amount of minutes on the field in World Cup history: only the last 2 minutes in the 1986 World Cup Final
  • Was responsible for eliminating Brazil in the 1990 World Cup Quarter -Final match with a 1-0 score, this was the first and only time so far this has happened
  • Goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea has the record of most penalty saves in a World Cup: 4 (1990)
  • Defender Pedro Monzón is the first player in World Cup history who received the red card in a World Cup Final (1990)
  • Is the first country which did not score any goal in a World Cup Final (1990)

  • Player Diego Maradona was called for a drugs test during the 1994 World Cup and was tested positive, which meant the end of the World Cup and 15 months suspension by FIFA
  • Player Diego Maradona has the most World Cup appearances as captain so far: 16 times
  • Forward Claudio Caniggia scored the 1,500th World Cup goal against Nigeria (2-1) in the World Cup 1994 group match
  • Player Claudio Caniggia is the only player in World Cup history to have received the red card from the bench (for cursing at the referee in the 2002 World Cup match against Sweden)
  • Lost only 1 penalty shootout of in total 4 World Cup penalty shootouts which was in the 2006 World Cup Quarter-Final match against Germany
  • Defender Leandro Cufré is the only player in World Cup history to have received a red card after a match was already over, which was against Germany in the 2006 Quarter-Final with the reason being violent conduct towards German player Per Mertesacker
  • 2010 World Cup coach Diego Maradona was the father-in-law of striker Sergio Agüero who played in that World Cup
  • is the 2nd country to have received the most red cards in World Cup history: 10
  • Is a seed country in the 2014 World Cup, meaning Argentina has been kept apart from other seed (top) countries which are placed in different groups
  • Will be based in Vespasiano, Minas Gerais during the 2014 World Cup

World Cup Awards

1930Silver BallGuillermo Stábile
1930Golden Boot (8 goals)Guillermo Stábile
1930All-Star TeamLuis Monti
Guillermo Stábile
1966All-Star TeamSilvio Marzolini
1978Golden BallMario Kempes
1978Golden Boot (6 goals)Mario Kempes
1978Bronze Boot (4 goals)Leopoldo Luque
1978FIFA Fair Play TrophyArgentina
1978All-Star TeamUbaldo Fillol
Daniel Passarella
Alberto Tarantini
Mario Kempes
1986Golden BallDiego Maradona
1986Silver Boot (5 goals)Diego Maradona
1986Bronze Boot (4 goals)Jorge Valdano
1986All-Star TeamDiego Maradona
1990Bronze BallDiego Maradona
1990All-Star TeamSergio Goycochea
Diego Maradona
1994Bronze Boot (4 goals)Gabriel Batistuta
1998Silver Boot (5 goals)Gabriel Batistuta
2006Silver Boot (3 goals)Hernán Crespo
2006All-Star TeamRoberto Ayala
Hernán Crespo

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Argentina in Action

Argentina Defeats Switzerland With 2-0 – 1966 World Cup

At the start of the England-Argentina rivalry

Argentina Defeats Haiti With 4-1 – 1974 World Cup

Argentina Defeats France With 2-1 – 1978 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Peru With 6-0 in the Second round – 1978 World Cup

Argentina Defeats the Netherlands With 1-3 in the Final – 1978 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Hungary With 4-1 – 1982 World Cup

Argentina Defeats England With 2-1 in the Quarter-Final – 1986 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Belgium With 2-0 in the Semi-Final – 1986 World Cup

Argentina Defeats West Germany With 3-2 in the Final – 1986 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Brazil With 0-1 in the Round of 16 – 1990 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Yugoslavia With 2-3 in the Quarter-Final – 1990 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Italy With 3-4 in the Semi-Final – 1990 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Greece With 4-0 – 1994 World Cup

Argentina Defeats England With 4-3 – 1998 World Cup

Memorable Goal Against Serbia and Montenegro – 2006 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Mexico With 2-1 in the Round of 16 – 2006 World Cup

Argentina Defeats Mexico With 3-1 in the Round of 16 – 2010 World Cup

Argentina Qualified For World Cup Brazil

Argentina: 2014 World Cup Profile

2014 World Cup Team Profile: ARGENTINA

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