South Korea

World Cup 2014 South Korea National Team Flag

World Cup 2014 South Korea National Team

  • FIFA country code: KOR
  • FIFA member since: 1948
  • Confederation: AFC
  • Confederation member since: 1954
  • Sub confederation: EAFF
  • Association: 대한축구협회
  • In English: Korea Football Association (KFA)
  • Association founded: 1928
  • Most caps: Hong Myung-Bo (136)
  • Top scorer: Cha Bum-Kun (55)
  • 1st World Cup win: 2-0 Poland in South Korea/Japan ’02

  • 1st World Cup goal scorer: Park Chang-Sun (1986)
  • World Cup top scorer: Park Ji-Sung, Ahn Jung-Hwan (3)
World Cup 2014 South Korea National Team Logo

Korea Football Association logo

World Cup 2014 South Korea National Team

World Cup 2014 South Korea Schedule Group H

1517/0613:00Belo HorizonteWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Belgium teamBelgium2-1Algeria
1617/0618:00CuiabáWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Russia teamRussia1-1South KoreaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 South Korea team
3122/0613:00Rio De JaneiroWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Belgium teamBelgium1-0RussiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Russia team
3222/0616:00Porto AlegreWorld Cup Brazil 2014 South Korea teamSouth Korea2-4Algeria
4726/0617:00São PauloWorld Cup Brazil 2014 South Korea teamSouth Korea0-1BelgiumWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Belgium team
4826/0617:00CuritibaAlgeria1-1RussiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Russia team

South Korea is the 5th country to have qualified for the World Cup Brazil on the 18th of June 2013. The decisive match was against Iran in the 4th round qualifications. The World Cup 2014 South Korea national team changed last minute positions in group A from number 1 to number 2 by losing to Iran (0-1). South Korea was lucky though, since Uzbekistan defeated Qatar with ‘only’ 5-1. If Uzbekistan had scored 2 extra goals, they would have qualified directly for the 2014 World Cup instead of South Korea. Both countries have 14 points, but South Korea won when it comes to goal difference with merely 1 goal.

World Cup Brazil 2014 Belgium teamBelgium3300419
World Cup Brazil 2014 Algeria teamAlgeria3111654
World Cup Brazil 2014 Russia teamRussia3021232
World Cup Brazil 2014 South Korea teamSouth Korea3012361

World Cup 2014 South Korea Players

2014 World Cup Brazil Online Guide

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The 23 players who have been selected for the World Cup 2014 South Korea national team are:

Jung Sung-Ryong
Kim Seung-gyu
Lee Bum-young
Hong Jeong-Ho
Hwang Seok-ho
Kim Chang-soo
Kim Jin-Su
Kim Young-gwon
Kwak Tae-hwi
Lee Yong
Yun Suk-young
Ha Dae-sung
Han Kook-young
Ji Dong-won
Ki Sung-yueng
Kim Bo-kyung
Lee Chung-Yong
Park Jong-woo
Son Heung-min
Kim Shin-wook
Koo Ja-Cheol
Lee Keun-ho
Park Chu-young

2014 World Cup Brazil Online Guide

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Head Coach: Hong Myung-Bo (South Korean)
Captain: Lee Chung-Yong

World Cup 2014 South Korea National Team Jerseys

South Korea home and away jerseys by Nike

World Cup 2014 South Korea National Team Jerseys

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South Korea World Cup History

How Many World Cups Played: 8

1954Group Stage162002016
1986Group Stage20301247
1990Group Stage22300316
1994Group Stage20302145
1998Group Stage30301229
2006Group Stage17311134
2010Round of 1615411268

GP=Games played, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Losses, GS=Goals scored, GA=Goals against

Best Performance

2002 – Semi-Final: South Korea reached the Semi-Final for the first and only time so far, but lost to Germany with 1-0.

Worst Performance

1954 – Group stage: South Korea ended up finishing last by losing with 9-0 to Hungary and 7-0 to Turkey in group 2.

Did You Know South Korea:

  • Has the following nicknames: Taegeuk WarriorsThe Red Devils and The Reds
  • Is rivals with Japan, North Korea and Iran
  • Is the most successful Asian football team in the history of the FIFA World Cup
  • Is the first and only Asian country to reach the Semi-Finals in a World Cup (2002)
  • Is the 2nd Asian country to have participated in a World Cup (1954) after the Dutch East Indies
  • Has the unfortunate World Cup record of having the highest amount of conceded goals in a World Cup: 16 goals which was in the 1954 World Cup
  • Striker Choi Jung-Min and his brother Choi Yung-Keun played together in the 1954 World Cup
  • Striker Cha Bum-Kun played in the 1986 World Cup and his son Cha Du-Ri in the 2002 and 2010 World Cup
  • Has participated in a World Cup 7 times in a row (1986 – 2010) with the World Cup Brazil 2014 becoming number 8
  • Became in 2002 the first country outside Europe, South America and North/Central America to qualify for the 5th World Cup in a row
  • First World Cup victory was only in 2002, against Poland (2-0)
  • Right back Cha Du-Ri received the quickest yellow card in World Cup history, he came in as a substitute in the 2002 first round match against Poland in injury time and was booked only after 20 seconds
  • Striker Ahn Jung-Hwan celebrated his equalizer memorably in the match against USA by imitating a speed skater, referring to the controversial disqualification of Korean short track speed skater Kim Dong-Sung in the 1500 metres at the 2002 Winter Olympics, allowing American Apolo Ohno to win the gold medal

  • Played 2 controversial matches against Italy and Spain before playing the 2002 World Cup Semi-Final, where in both matches mistakes were made by the referee
  • Made many South Korean tourists wanting to visit the Netherlands after the 2002 World Cup since then trainer Guus Hiddink is a Dutchman
  • Will be based in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná during the 2014 World Cup

World Cup Awards

2002Bronze BallHong Myung-Bo
2002Most Entertaining TeamSouth Korea
2002All-Star TeamHong Myung-Bo
Yoo Sang-Chul

Curious which place FIFA gave South Korea in their official ranking? Find out now! Or do you want to know more about the World Cups South Korea has played? Increase your World Cup history knowledge now!

South Korea in Action

South Korea Draws Against Spain With 2-2 – 1994 World Cup

South Korea Defeats Poland With 2-0 – 2002 World Cup

Ahn Jung-hwan Celebration in Match Againt USA – 2002 World Cup

South Korea Defeats Portugal With 2-0 – 2002 World Cup

South Korea Defeats Italy With 2-1 in the Round of 16 – 2002 World Cup

South Korea Defeats Spain With 3-5 in the Quarter-Final – 2002 World Cup

2002 World Cup Highlights

South Korea Defeats Greece With 2-0 – 2010 World Cup

South Korea: 2014 World Cup Profile

2014 World Cup Team Profile: KOREA REPUBLIC

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