World Cup Host City Salvador

Salvador Facts

  • Established: March 29 1549
  • Nickname: Roma Negra (Black Rome)
  • Region State: Bahia
  • Population: 2,676,606
  • Temperature Average: around 22-26 °C
  • Stadium: Arena Fonte Nova

Salvador World Cup Poster

The Salvador World Cup poster shows an object which seems like a goal. But it isn’t! The object is actually the famous ‘Lacerda elevator’ (elevador Lacerda). The elevator connects old upper city with many Historic places, to the old Lower city. Maybe you would expect more from a Salvador poster, but the great view and the type of passage the elevator contains, makes it a nice symbol.

World Cup Host City Salvador Flag

Salvador Flag

Matches To Be Played: 6

Group matches
313/0616:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Spain teamSpainNetherlandsWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Netherlands team
1316/0613:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Germany teamGermanyPortugalWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Portugal team
2520/0616:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Switzerland teamSwitzerlandFranceWorld Cup Brazil 2014 France team
Round of 16

World Cup Host City Salvador

Salvador: 4 Things You Have to See

FIFA Fan Fest

World Cup Host City Salvador

FIFA’s Fan Fests include huge screens where fans can watch the World Cup matches together. The Fan Fest in Salvador can be found in Aeroclube.

Pelourinho (Salvador Historic Centre)

World Cup Host City Salvador

Pelourinho is one of Salvador’s main tourist sites. Slaves were taken here in order to be punished. The square shows old colonial houses and churches such as the Rosário dos Homens Pretos and the Basilica Cathedral. Aside to many cultural happenings, there are also nice restaurants and shops.  It was named a world cultural center by UNESCO in 1985. A great place which represents the culture well.

Lacerda Elevator

World Cup Host City Salvador

After the famous elevator was opened officially, it became the main mean of transport between the High City (Cidade Alta) and Low city (Cidade Baixa). Now there are 4 electric lifts which are able to transport up to 20 passengers each. In total the elevator has undergone 5 renovations.

Modelo Market

World Cup Host City Salvador

The building was constructed in 1861, but became the Modelo Market only in 1971. The building kept its original neoclassical architecture and contains more than 200 shops which offer handcrafts, gifts and souvenirs. There are also traditional restaurants that serve food from the Bahia cuisine. Caoeira is often played close to the market. It’s located in Praça Visconde de Cayrú, in the Low City (Cidade Baixa) area.

World Cup Host City Salvador

Quick and Simple Way to learn Brazilian Portuguese

Did You Know Salvador:

  • Was the first capital of Brazil , founded in 1549 till 1763
  • Is the capital of the state Bahia
  • Is the 3rd most populated city in Brazil
  • African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the centre of Afro-Brazilian culture
  • Is the city with the highest population of African origin, more than 80 % of the population is black and mulatto (only 18 % is white)

  • Famous Carnival “Carnival in Bahia ” was once considered the biggest carnival in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records
  • Is the city where Capoeira started to evolve after being invented in Africa
  • Was a host city in the 2013 Confederations Cup
  • Will be used to host the 2016 summer Olympics

Salvador in Action

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