World Cup Host City Manaus

Manaus Facts

  • Established: October 24 1669
  • Nickname: A Paris dos Trópicos (The Paris of the Tropics)
  • Region State: Amazonas
  • Population: 1,982,179
  • Temperature Average: around 24-32 °C
  • Stadium: Arena da Amazônia

Manaus World Cup Poster

The Manaus World Cup poster doesn’t show many objects. The poster clearly shows 2 macaw parrots enjoying each other’s company, resting on a goal’s crossbar. The city Manaus contains a lot of green which is visible behind the parrots. The designer stated he wanted to combine elements of the Amazon and symbols of football together, creating harmony and unity. This simple but effective poster, was voted as the most beautiful World Cup Brazil poster in a survey by Brazilian online provider UOL.

World Cup Host City Manaus Flag

Manaus Flag

Matches To Be Played: 4

Group matches
814/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 England teamEnglandItalyWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Italy team
1818/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Cameroon teamCameroonCroatiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Croatia team
3022/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 USA teamUSAPortugalWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Portugal team
4125/0616:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Honduras teamHondurasSwitzerlandWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Switzerland team

World Cup Host City Manaus

Manaus: 4 Things You Have to See

FIFA Fan Fest

World Cup Host City Manaus

FIFA’s Fan Fests include huge screens where fans can watch the World Cup matches together. The Fan Fest in Manaus can be found in Ponta Negra.

Municipal Market

World Cup Host City Manaus

Manaus’s municipal market is located in front of the Negro river, and is from 1883. It’s located in Rua dos Barés, n° 46, in the center.

Amazonas Theater

World Cup Host City Manaus

The Amazonas Theater was opened in 1896. the construction material cam from Europe and was broughtto Manaus by ship. The theater is a symbol of the region’s prosperity during the golden years of rubber production. Visits of the theater have to be scheduled. It’s located in Praça do Congresso, in the center.

Phone: + 55 (92) 3622-1880

The meeting of the rivers

World Cup Host City Manaus

A spectacular view it is, the meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers .In order to see it for yourself, you have to take a boat ride. During the World Cup in the summer, is a perfect time to experience this unique phenomenon with your own eyes.

World Cup Host City Manaus

Quick and Simple Way to learn Brazilian Portuguese

Did You Know Manaus:

  • Is the capital city of state Amazonas
  • The name  Manaus was derived from the tribe manaós, ancient inhabitants of the Amazon region
  • Is the only 2014 World Cup host city in Amazon rainforest and Northern Brazil
  • is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest
  • Region is the 6th largest in Brazil
  • Is the 6th richest city in Brazil
  • And the Amazon region are one of the best known Brazilian places abroad and are the 10th largest tourist destination of the country
  • Not all Brazilians know that Manaus has beaches, such as “river beaches” São Ponta Negra and Praia do Tupé
  • Only 5% of the fish sold in Manaus come from the Rio Negro, since the water is more bitter and low in nutrients than other rivers in the region

Manaus in Action

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