World Cup Host City Curitiba

Curitiba Facts

  • Established: March 29 1693
  • Nickname: Cidade Modelo (Model City)
  • Region State: Paraná
  • Population: 1,764,540
  • Temperature Average: around 10-20 °C
  • Stadium: Arena da Baixada

Curitiba World Cup Poster

The Curitiba World Cup poster shows an Araucaria tree. The name ‘Curitiba’ roughly means lots of pines in the Tupi language, relating to these Araucaria trees. Tupi people were people who lived in Brazil before the Europeans discovered the country. Many of the pine trees can be found in the region. The pines on the poster have been replaced by colourful footballs.

World Cup Host City Curitiba Flag

Curitiba Flag

Matches To Be Played: 4

Group matches
1216/0616:00IranNigeriaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Nigeria team
2620/0619:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Honduras teamHondurasEcuadorWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Ecuador team
3523/0613:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Australia teamAustraliaSpainWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Spain team
4826/0617:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Algeria teamAlgeriaRussiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Russia team

World Cup Host City Curitiba

Curitiba: 4 Things You Have to See

FIFA Fan Fest

World Cup Host City Curitiba

FIFA’s Fan Fests include huge screens where fans can watch the World Cup matches together. The Fan Fest in Curitiba can be found in Pedreira Paulo Leminski.

Botanical Garden

World Cup Host City Curitiba

The Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1991. The metal structured building contains national plant species. The Flower Museum in the Garden attracts researchers from all over the world. It’s located in Rua Engenheiro Ostoja Roguski, in the Jardim Botânico district.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

World Cup Host City Curitiba

The Oscar Niemeyer museum is one of Brazil’s biggest and most modern museums. The ‘eye’ on the picture is designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and is the conclusion of an old piece of work. It’s located in Rua Marechal Hermes, 999

Iguaçu Falls

World Cup Host City Curitiba

Another breathtaking place in Brazil, where there are 275 falls. The National Park which is located in  the town Foz do Iguaç, is inscribed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. It is 637 km away from Curitiba though.

World Cup Host City Curitiba

Quick and Simple Way to learn Brazilian Portuguese

Did You Know Curitiba:

  • Is the capital of state Paraná
  • Is the 7th most populous city in the country
  • Is considered as the Brazilian city with the most beautiful people
  • Is one of the richest cities in Brazil
  • Is an important cultural, political, and economic center in Latin America
  • Is often the coldest state capital in Brazil in winter time
  • Temperatures are unpredictable, it may be hot in July or cold at Christmas, or both on the same day
  • Was a host city in the 1950 World Cup
  • Is together with Porto Alegre one of the capitals with the highest number of descendants of European countries
  • Was the capital of Brazil for 3 days in 1969, during the uproar of Brazil’s military regime

Curitiba in Action

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