World Cup Host City Cuiabá

Cuiabá Facts

  • Established: January 1 1727
  • Nickname: Cidade Verde (Green City)
  • Region State: Mato Grosso
  • Population: 551,098
  • Temperature Average: around 15-31 °C
  • Stadium: Arena Pantanal

Cuiabá World Cup Poster

The Cuiabá World Cup poster is one of the most busiest posters. To start with the football, in the middle there is no random black spot, but it’s the map of Cuiabá. The leg that kicks the football contains many colours, representing the multiple cultures of the city and visitors. In the background you see colourful vegetation which refer to the Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas. Then we have the white/black bird which is the Jabiru bird. The Jabiru bird  (also called tuiuiu) is a common creature in the Pantanal area.

World Cup Host City Cuiabá Flag

Cuiabá Flag

Matches To Be Played: 4

Group matches
413/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Chile teamChileAustraliaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Australia team
1617/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Russia teamRussiaSouth KoreaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 South Korea team
2821/0618:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Nigeria teamNigeriaBosnia-Herzegovina
3724/0616:00World Cup Brazil 2014 Japan teamJapanColombiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Colombia team

World Cup Host City Cuiabá

Cuiabá: 4 Things You Have to See

FIFA Fan Fest

World Cup Host City Cuiabá

FIFA’s  Fan Fests include huge screens where fans can watch the World Cup matches together. The Fan Fest in Cuiabá can be found in Parque de Exposições.

Historic Centre

World Cup Host City Cuiabá

Historic buildings can be found in this centre like the Saint Benedict Church, the Chapel of Our Lord of the Stations of the Cross, the Palace of Instruction, the old War Arsenal and much more. Many streets in this area kept their  architectural characteristics.

Pantanal area

World Cup Host City Cuiabá

The Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland. The wetland is 115 km away from Cuiabá. The Pantanal is breathtaking, and rarely you will see anything like this.You see free wild animals, such as alligators, pumas, monkeys, reptiles and birds in an impressive environment and colours.

Chapada dos Guimarães

World Cup Host City Cuiabá

Another breathtaking landscape is the Chapada dos Guimarães. The landscape consists off huge red and orange walls, giant rocks, caves, waterfalls and natural crystal clean pools. This National Park is inscribed in the World Heritage List and is perfect for adventure sports.

World Cup Host City Cuiabá

Quick and Simple Way to learn Brazilian Portuguese

Did You Know Cuiabá:

  • Is the capital city of state Mato Grosso
  • Is known as the ‘Southern gate to the Amazon’
  • Is the smallest 2014 World Cup Brazil host city
  • Has the highest temperatures (more than 40°C) of all host cities
  • Is isolated and far from the big cities
  • Is located in the most central part of the continent
  • Lies along the Cuiabá River, a tributary of the Paraguay River
  • Serves as an access way to Brazil’s 3 main biomes: the Cerrado, the Pantanal and the Amazon

Cuiabá in Action

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