Brazil – Germany Semi-Final

Today we finally know who will enter the Final! Well, at least 1 team. After much speculations we know that Brazil, Germany, Argentina or the Netherlands will win the 2014 World Cup. 2 classic Finals can take place: Brazil – Argentina or Germany – the Netherlands. These teams are huge rivals which makes a Final encounter more legendary. Of course when the Final consists of both European and South American teams, it should become pretty spectacular nonetheless!

Brazil – Germany

Brazil - Germany Semi-Final

The first 2014 World Cup Semi-Final in Belo Horizonte is 61st World Cup match. Both teams have played in the highest amount of World Cups, but encountered each other only once. Interestingly enough, they met in the 2002 World Cup Final, which Brazil won with 2-0. Brazilian star player Ronaldo scored both goals. This victory led to Brazil’s 5th World Cup victory. This was also the last time Brazil won a World Cup.

In the last 3 World Cups, Germany managed to reach the Semi-Finals, but never won the Final. The last time Germany won a World Cup was in 1990. The last time Germany won any major tournament was in Euro 1996. So maybe after 18 years, they will succeed in winning another World Cup.

The German team is fit and will play against a Brazil without star player Neymar and captain Thiago Silva. David Luiz will take over this rol during this game.

All the yellow cards by the way which have been given to players in the previous 5 matches, have been withdrawn.

The photo has been created by Photolamus.

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