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Our website’s goal was to enhance the unique World Cup Brazil experience which we experienced just ONCE in this life.

Especially with the 2014 World Cup being in Brazil, the country which shows so much passion for this beautiful sport….the combination cannot be more perfect. We thought: this event deserves our website: a thorough World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide!

A Guide with lots of information regarding this unique World Cup, the teams, the mascot, the host cities, things to do in the host cities… even the history of each World Cup can be learned here. Aside to all this, there are more future plans which will be implemented as the 2018 World Cup in Russia is getting closer.

The World Cup creates unity. Worldcupbrazil.net wants to include as much fan content as possible; there is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the passion in the videos and pictures the fans create. Therefore we include lots of fan made videos on the website so if you have a nice one that enhances the World Cup experience, please let us know!

It is obvious but yes, we are World Cup fans, from Holland by the way! The country which in the 2014 World Cup had a chance to enter the Final for the 4th time… but let’s not go there! There are 3 of us (Johaninho, Robertinho, Gerardinho). What we have in common, is the simple pure passion for a World Cup as a true World Cup fan should have. And True World Cup fans we are!

No, not only football fans, really World Cup fans, especially with the World Cup Brazil which was organised this year! Don’t get us wrong, we do like the action, the thrill, the intense feeling of penalties, a winning goal, a missed goal….

But the joy, the unity, the community, the laughter, the brotherhood that exists in our world for one month during a World Cup is simply said:


To bad this cannot go on forever….but this means we have to make the best out of the month, and Worldcupbrazil.net wants to participate, facilitate and spread this wonderful feeling most of us will feel and everyone else SHOULD feel!

Start here to become a World Cup Brazil 2014 expert with the World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide! Soon we will shift focus on the 2018 World Cup in Russia now that World Cup Brazil is over :-(

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback, content or any other type of remark, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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world cup brazil kick-off

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