2014 World Cup Guide For Every Fan

The 2014 World Cup is dominating the news and daily discussions are mainly about football. ‘Who will win’, ‘who will lose’, ‘who will win the World Cup’, ‘who will lose the Final’ are questions we ask and anwer to various people through the day. Discussions about the various players can be hard since there are 23 players per team! But we have the solution for you where you can dominate in any discussion regarding any team!

World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide

Know all the 768 Players Who Play in the World Cup and Participated in the Qualifications

In order to enhace your experience and to know about the team’s history and players, we have created a visual 2014 World Cup Guide containing more than 140 pages which is easy to understand. Questions like ‘who are the rivals of Brazil’, ‘what is the all-star team of the Netherlands’, ‘who scored the most World Cup goals for Colombia’ are answered in the Guide! 

World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide

Team facts, Country Facts, Analysis, Key-Games and More

Unfortunately the World Cup is organised only every 4 years. That’s why we try to make the best out of the experience by getting together, buying football merchandise, collecting and trading Panini stickers and playing football on the streets or on the consoles. When watching our country play in the World Cup, we want to create and participate in the best and most memorable atmosphere. There’s nothing better than to view the matches with lots of good people and celebrating the goals together. With the guide you improve the experience by knowing exactly what the history is of each World Cup team and truly understand why 2014 World Cup successes and failures are so unique and memorable!

World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide

Coaches, Qualifying Campaigns, History and More

Become a 2014 World Cup expert and get yourself a copy of this unique guide! You can purchase the guide for a ‘give away’ price for only €4.95! Enjoy!

World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide

Find out who the Star Player is of each Team!

World Cup Brazil 2014 Guide

Host Cities and Stadium Information

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